Brave New World  –  Migrants’ Dream Houses

illuminates the two worlds in which migrants from Romania, Croatia and Serbia live and work today: work dominates their lives in the Western European host countries, while in their home regions massive houses are visible symbols of their economic success and new – Western – lifestyles.


comiXconnection – strip, bandă desenată, strip, képregény, ϲтрип

showcases current independent comics from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Hungary and Romania. This travelling exhibition investigates the different comics scenes in these neighbouring countries and draws connections between them.


Encounters, 2009 – 2013

is a double exhibition juxtaposing historical photographs from southern Hungary with a contemporary panorama from the Hungary-Croatia-Serbia triangle. It reflects ethnic and local-regional classifications and affiliations. In the photography event “Bring an Object!”, visitors use their own personal objects to rewrite their relationship to another culture.

© Frank Gaudlitz, Berlin 2009



presents the culture, politics and everyday life of the Republic of Moldova in a multi-media format inside a travelling microbus. In 2010, this mobile exhibition space toured Berlin, Leipzig and Mannheim. The microbus rapidly inspired imitators of this mobile presentation platform.


Romania – Changing Viewpoints, 2007 – 2008

highlights the foreign concepts and self-perceptions of this southeastern European country from different perspectives. This multidimensional view of Romania shows a cultural region in transition: between tradition and modernity, stubborn clichés and new realities.

© Ute Franz-Scarciglia, Berlin 2008